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We service, repair, and install all types and brands of major appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. We employ highly trained technicians to ensure timely and proper service to our new and long time clients. All labor and parts are guaranteed. We stand proudly behind our work. When you need a quality appliance or repair, contact call to fix  Appliances

How it’s done:

Appliance repair can be a tricky thing to understand at first, and our crew understands that. Not knowing what’s going on means that our clientele is left in the dark with regards to what’s going on in terms of their restoration and what exactly they’re paying for. For this reason, we pride ourselves on the communication that we establish with our clientele in which they’re able to ask questions or voice concerns in a safe environment. This empowers our clientele with some knowledge of the process so that they know what’s happening with their machine and why.

The more confidence you have in your crew the better when it comes to appliance restoration, which is why we’ve made sure that our crew is well versed in restorations of all sorts. Your appliances are a delicate thing, and you can’t afford to have someone tinkering with them who isn’t expertly trained or experienced, which is why our crews are always available 7 days a week to assist in bringing your machines back to life.

The cost has always been the part of the process that tends to be slightly trickier to address, and as a result, we’ve implemented ways of determining the cost of your project that’s simple for both our crews and our clientele. What we do is we assess the status of your broken down machine and we determine based on the amount of work we have to do, along with the quality you can expect from us, a quote that’ll fit your needs and your budget.

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